Our Guarantee

  • Good for You and the Planet

    Talk about guilt-free! Our ingredients & packaging are ethically sourced and biodegradable.

  • Featuring In-Season Goodness

    Each ingredient is hand selected to proudly feature what nature can offer.

  • Small-Batch

    Each season brings us a new variety of ingredients--and what better way to celebrate!


Really flavorful granola that tastes homemade and fresh. It's not too sweet, which I prefer. Better than anything I could possible make myself. I love it!

Anna B.

This granola is so tasty that it's addictive, AND it's good for you! It's a win win concoction that has become my all time favorite, and good enough to eat any time of day, from breakfast to midnight snack, and even as desert.

Claire H.

The best! My kids love it!!

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